Voyager – Free Crypto Trading: $50 Bitcoin Sign-Up Bonus + Up to $100 Referrals (Withdrawals Paused)

As of July 1, 2022, Voyager has temporarily paused all trades and withdrawals on their platform, so you cannot withdraw funds from your Voyager account at this time. Due to this current restriction, you should not deposit funds onto Voyager at this time until this issue has been resolved and withdrawals have been reinstated. We will update this page if/when any further information is provided by Voyager.

Voyager offers a commission-free cryptocurrency brokerage where you can instantly fund your account and trade 70+ digital assets, earn up to 12% interest on your favorite cryptos, and get loyalty rewards for even higher payouts.

To get $50 in free BTC, click this Voyager $50 Free Bitcoin Link to download the app AND/OR manually enter promo code “MM50” in the “Reward Code” field when you create an account.

After you deposit and trade a minimum of $100, Voyager will credit $50 in free Bitcoin to your account within 72 hours.

Once you join Voyager, you can trade popular crypto assets across multiple exchanges with U.S. Dollars.

Plus, you’ll get real-time market data, crypto news, and portfolio management tools for cryptocurrency investors.

About Voyager Crypto Asset Broker

  • Trade 70+ Popular Cryptocurrencies Commission-Free across Multiple Exchanges with USD.
  • Earn up to 12% Annual Rewards on 30+ Digital Assets when you HODL.
  • Get Real-Time Crypto Market Data, Cryptocurrency Investing News, and Portfolio Management Tools.
  • Deposit USD from Your Bank Account and Invest in Crypto Assets Instantly.
  • Trade Commission-Free with as little as $10.
  • Connect with Multiple Liquidity Providers and Many Top Exchanges to Get Better Prices on Your Trades.
  • Offline Storage, Advanced Fraud Protection, and Government-Regulated Processes Keep Your Assets Secure.
  • No Fees to Open or Maintain Your Voyager Account.

Voyager $50 Free Bitcoin Sign-Up Bonus

1. Visit this Voyager $50 Free Bitcoin Referral Link to download the app.

2. You can also manually enter reward code “MM50” in the “Reward Code” field when you create an account (the referral link automatically applies the code otherwise).

3. Deposit and trade a minimum of $100 on Voyager to qualify for $50 in free Bitcoin.

4. Voyager deposits $50 in free Bitcoin to your account within 72 hours of qualifying.

Voyager $50-$100 Refer-A-Friend Rewards

For every friend that you refer to Voyager who trades at least $100, they will earn $50 in free Bitcoin, and you will earn $50-$100 in Voyager Tokens (VGX).

On top of the standard $50 VGX referral rewards, you can earn up to an additional $50 in VGX per referral through the Voyager Loyalty Program for holding VGX in your account, which equals up to $100 in total VGX per referral.

The standard referral reward will pay you $50 in VGX for each qualified referral, while Adventurers (hold 500+ VGX) will earn $60 in VGX, Explorers (hold 5,000+ VGX) will earn $75 in VGX, and Navigators (hold 20,000+ VGX) will earn $100 in VGX (see Voyager Loyalty Program section below).

After you sign up for Voyager, you’ll receive access to your unique Voyager referral code.

To share Voyager, tell your friends to enter your referral code during registration.

In order to qualify for free Voyager Tokens (VGX), your referrals must deposit and trade at least $100 on Voyager.

Once your referrals meet the qualifications, Voyager deposits $50 in free BTC to your referrals’ accounts and $50-$100 in free VGX to your account.

  • Referral bonuses are issued within 72 hours of meeting the qualifications.
  • The value of issued BTC/VGX credit is determined at the time of issuance.
  • Pricing is based on market pricing quoted in Voyager.
  • Voyager referral bonuses are only available to U.S. residents.

You can refer as many friends as you want to Voyager to earn unlimited Voyager Tokens (VGX) referral rewards for each qualifying new customer.

Voyager Loyalty Program – Earnings Boost and Extra Referrals

Through the Voyager Loyalty Program, you can get an earnings rewards boost on your crypto holdings, additional refer-a-friend bonuses, crypto back rewards on your Voyager debit card spending, and VGX staking rewards.

To access the Voyager Loyalty Program, you must stake a qualifying amount of VGX, which is Voyager’s native platform token.

There are 3 tier levels in the Voyager Loyalty Program:

1. Adventurer (Hold 500 VGX): Earn 7% VGX Staking Rewards, +0.5% Earnings Reward Boost, $60 VGX Refer-A-Friend Bonus, and 1X Crypto Back Rewards.

2. Explorer (Hold 5,000 VGX): Earn 7% VGX Staking Rewards, +1.0% Earnings Reward Boost, $75 VGX Refer-A-Friend Bonus, and 2X Crypto Back Rewards.

3. Navigator (Hold 20,000 VGX): Earn 7% VGX Staking Rewards, +1.5% Earnings Reward Boost, $100 VGX Refer-A-Friend Bonus, and 3X Crypto Back Rewards.

As long as you stake a qualifying amount of VGX, you will earn all of the benefits of your tier level through the Voyager Loyalty Program.

Voyager Earn Program – Up to 12% Interest

Through the Voyager Earn Program, you can earn up to 12% annual interest rewards on your cryptocurrency holdings.

You’ll receive monthly reward payouts on eligible crypto assets when you maintain a minimum balance.

Crypto Interest Earnings:

  • BTC = 4.75% (0.01000 balance)
  • ETH = 4.25% (0.50000 balance)
  • LUNA = 4.00% (10 balance)
  • USDC = 9.00% (100 balance)
  • SOL = 3.00% (3 balance)
  • ADA = 4.50% (100 balance)
  • DOT = 12.00% (20 balance)
  • DOGE = 1.00% (1000 balance)
  • LINK = 2.50% (10 balance)
  • MATIC = 5.25% (100 balance)
  • AVAX = 4%
  • SHIB = 1.00% (15,000,000 balance)
  • UNI = 2.00% (10 balance)
  • ATOM = 2.00% (20 balance)
  • XLM = 1.00% (1000 balance)
  • LTC = 3.00% (2 balance)
  • ALGO = 2.00% (200 balance)
  • BCH = 2.00% (0.50000 balance)
  • MANA = 0.50% (1000 balance)
  • GRT = 2.00% (200 balance)
  • ETC = 1.50% (10 balance)
  • CELO = 3.00% (50 balance)
  • FIL = 2.00% (3 balance)
  • XTZ = 2.00% (50 balance)
  • AAVE = 3.00% (1 balance)
  • EOS = 1.00% (50 balance)
  • COMP = 3.00% (1 balance)
  • ZEC = 1.00% (2 balance)
  • BAT = 1.00% (300 balance)
  • DASH = 3.00% (1.500 balance)
  • UMA = 1.00% (25 balance)
  • OMG = 0.50% (50 balance)
  • ZRX = 1.50% (200 balance)
  • VGX = 7.00% (100 balance)
  • OXT = 1.00% (500 balance)
  • STMX = 2.00% (5000 balance)
  • KNC = 0.50% (100 balance)
  • APE = 10%

For as long as you hold a qualifying balance, you’ll get paid out monthly rewards just for HODLing your crypto assets with Voyager.

If you invest in crypto assets, try Voyager for no-fee cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges with over 70 digital currencies.

If you want more free Bitcoin, try Coinbase to get free BTC when you sign up for a free Bitcoin wallet.

You may also be interested in More Cryptocurrencies Promotion for another opportunity to earn more bonus money when you trade/hold cryptocurrencies.


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