Vaultoro – Bitcoin Gold Exchange: Get Free 1/2 Gram of Gold ($30+ Value) with $500 Trade

Vaultoro offers real-time trades between Bitcoin, Dash, and physical Gold bullion secured and insured in top-tier Swiss vaulting facilities.

By exchanging crypto with gold bullion on Vaultoro, you can preserve your crypto gains without using banks or fiat currencies.

To get a free 1/2 gram of gold, register for a Free Vaultoro Account via this referral link, and then trade $500 worth of anything on the Vaultoro platform within 72 hours of registering.

After you trade $500 of anything (Gold, Bitcoin, or Dash) within 72 hours of registering for Vaultoro, you will receive a 1/2 gram of free gold, which you can hold or trade for crypto.

To instantly start trading Bitcoin, Dash, and Gold completely independent of any banks or government-issued currencies, sign up for a free Vaultoro account today.

Vaultoro is available in 95 countries worldwide including the U.S.A., but you cannot live in Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, or the States of Washington or New York.

Updated 8/18/2020: Vaultoro has increased the trading requirement from $100 to $500 in order to qualify for the free gold. In addition, they now require that you must meet the $500 minimum trading requirement within 72 hours of registering for Vaultoro.

Get 1/2 Gram of Free Gold

1. Register via this Vaultoro Referral Link to qualify.

The promotion is not displayed on the landing page, but you must register via the referral link to qualify.

2. Within 72 hours of registering, trade a minimum of $500 worth of anything (Gold, Bitcoin, or Dash) using your Vaultoro account.

3. Receive a 1/2 gram of free gold in your Vaultoro account (worth about $32 USD as of 8/13/2020).

4. You can hold your gold, trade it for crypto, and/or withdraw the funds.

Vaultoro Referral Program

After you create a free Vaultoro account, you can participate in their referral program to earn more free Gold and Bitcoin.

For each verified Vaultoro member you refer, you will both receive a 1/2 gram of free gold when they trade over $500 worth of anything within 72 hours of registering.

In addition, you will receive 20% of all trading fees paid by your referral for the first 2 years.

On top of that, you will receive 5% of all trading fees paid by any referrals of your referrals (second tier referrals).

There is no limit to your referral earnings from trading fees, and Vaultoro is giving away 1 kilogram of free gold bullion to you and your referrals.

If you want to easily trade between Bitcoin, Dash, and Gold bullion, sign up for a free Vaultoro account.

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