Stacked – Managed Cryptocurrency Portfolios: Get $25 Bonus to Join Waitlist + $10 Referrals

Stacked managed cryptocurrency portfolios provide a smart crypto advisor platform that offers a diversified portfolio of digital assets designed by experts based on your goals, needs, savings timeline, and risk tolerance.

To get a $25 bonus, Join the Stacked Waitlist, and you’ll receive $25 toward your Stacked Managed Portfolio and early access to their cryptocurrency advisor platform.

Once the new app is launched, you will receive $25 in your Stacked Managed Portfolio after you successfully complete verification, fund your account with $100, and hold it in your portfolio for 30 days.

After you join the waitlist, you can also refer your friends to join the Stacked Managed Portfolio waitlist, and you’ll earn $10 for each friend you invite, and get a chance to win $50,000 worth of prizes and giveaways.

In addition, you’ll move 10 spots up the waitlist for each friend that you refer, which will get you closer to accessing the Stacked Managed Portfolio when it first launches.

Any referral rewards that you earn will be distributed once your invitee signs up for an account and holds $100 in their portfolio for 30 days.

Additionally, each time that you invite your friends to join the waitlist via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram, you’ll get $1 toward your portfolio for sharing on social media and also move up the waitlist.

If you qualify for any waitlist referral leaderboard and giveaway rewards, including the grand prize of $25,000, they will be distributed 60 days after the conclusion of the contest.

Join the waitlist and Stack will give you $25 toward your Stacked Managed Portfolio, $10 for each friend you invite, and a chance to win $50,000 worth of prizes and giveaways.

About Stacked Managed Portfolio

When you sign up for the Stacked Managed Portfolio, they will analyze your crypto goals, timeline, and risk tolerance.

With the information that Stacked collects, they will curate a diversified portfolio that is designed by experts to meet your crypto investing needs.

Your Stacked Managed Portfolio will monitor the cryptocurrency market and utilize sophisticated algorithms to provide you with a balanced portfolio.

Join the Stacked Managed Portfolio waitlist now to get a $25 bonus when they launch, plus earn $10 referrals and the chance to win prizes by sharing Stacked with friends.

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