Snowball – Smart Crypto Investment Automation: $12,000 Referral Launch Competition

The Snowball Smart Crypto Investment Automation (SCIA) platform gives everybody access to curated cryptocurrency portfolios that are created by professionals.

Just Register for the Snowball Waitlist to get early access when they launch later in 2019.

Plus, you can participate in the $12,000 Snowball Referral Launch Competition to earn a guaranteed $100 bonus for everyone who refers at least 10 active users.

About Snowball Smart Crypto Investment Automation

Snowball automates the investment process by allowing you to choose from a variety of professionally curated cryptocurrency portfolios.

You no longer have to wonder which tokens you should buy and sell or open multiple wallets on different exchanges.

To invest with Snowball, you simply download the app, create a free account, choose a portfolio, connect a payment method, and make an investment.

You can easily review and manage your investments at any time, and you can change your cryptocurrency portfolios as you see fit.

Snowball $12,000 Referral Launch Competition

1. Join the Snowball Waitlist by providing just your email address to get started.

2. Share your referral link with friends to jump ahead in line and get earlier access to Snowball.

3. Your referral dashboard will keep track of your referrals and your current ranking on the waiting list.

4. When Snowball becomes available in your area, sign up and make a deposit to activate your account.

5. Anyone who refers 10 or more active users will receive a $100 reward after you activate your account.

6. The top 10 people who have referred the most active users to the waiting list after Snowball’s launch will receive the respective rewards.

Top 10 Referral Prizes

  • 1st Place = $5,000
  • 2nd Place = $2,500
  • 3rd Place = $1,500
  • 4th Place = $900
  • 5th Place = $600
  • 6th Place = $500
  • 7th Place = $400
  • 8th Place = $300
  • 9th Place = $200
  • 10th Place = $150
  • Anyone with 10+ active user referrals = $100

Competition Terms

  • After the first month of Snowball’s launch in the App Store, they will tally the number of active users from each referrer and send the respective prizes as a credit into the referrer’s active Snowball account within 30 days.
  • Prior to receiving a reward, a competition KYC form, which will be emailed to the user, must be completed and returned.
  • An active user is someone who successfully goes through the KYC process and makes a deposit to get their account up and running.
  • Once the reward credit is received, there is a 90-day holding period, after which it can be used or withdrawn normally.

Participate in the Snowball $12,000 Referral Launch Competition to get a guaranteed $100 bonus when you refer at least 10 active users to sign up for the Snowball Smart Crypto Investment Automation app.

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