ShortHop – Trade Crypto Assets: Get $25 in Bitcoin to Complete Order

ShortHop offers 1-click trading of any digital asset pair, and you can pay with U.S. Dollars or trade between other crypto assets.

After you create a ShortHop account and verify your identity, you’re ready to trade any digital asset or USD pair.

You can manage your portfolio, view holdings, follow performance, and trade crypto assets, all from a single dashboard.

Plus, you can earn $25 in free Bitcoin credit that will be immediately available for digital asset trades on the ShortHop platform.

After you complete your first order on the ShortHop platform, your $25 Bitcoin bonus credit can be withdrawn to an external wallet.

ShortHop is currently operating in Beta mode for U.S. customers in the following states only: California, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington (accessibility may be extended to other states in the future).

If you don’t live in the U.S.A., you may also be interested in OKCoin for global digital asset trading.

How To Earn $25 Free Bitcoin from ShortHop

1. Visit to sign up for an account ($25 Bitcoin promotion should be displayed).

2. Complete successful Level 1 identity verification.

3. ShortHop will deposit $25 USD of Bitcoin into your Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet.

4. Your $25 BTC credit will be immediately available to use for trading on the ShortHop platform.

5. Your $25 BTC credit will only be available for transfer to an external wallet after the following steps are completed:

  • a: You successfully complete a new order on the ShortHop platform.
  • b: You complete a waiting period of 30 days following your successful Level 1 verification.

6. Please note that your available balance will not reflect the BTC credit until the aforementioned qualifications have been met.

7. If you do not successfully complete a new order within 30 days from your successful Level 1 verification, you forfeit any right to transact using the BTC credit.

8. Upon successful Level 2 verification, your BTC credit will be promptly made available to you for withdrawal to an external wallet.

ShortHop Identity Verification Requirements

Level 1: For users who will engage in transactions exchanging Digital Assets, ShortHop requires that you provide basic identifying information – name, contact information, address, and the last 4 digits of social security number — sufficient to complete its “know your customer” (KYC) process.

Level 2: For users who will facilitate transactions purchasing, selling or exchanging fiat currency for Digital Assets, ShortHop requires that you submit proof of identity – a scan of a valid driver’s license or government-issued ID.

Check out ShortHop to trade crypto assets with 1 click between any digital asset or USD pair.

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