Purse Bitcoin Marketplace $5 BTC Referral Bonus and Save 15% Off Amazon with Bitcoin

Purse is a Bitcoin marketplace that allows you to save 15% or more off Amazon.com purchases made with Bitcoin.

Plus, you can get a $5 BTC Sign-Up Bonus from Purse ($5 USD in BTC) when you create a free account and make transactions for $100 or more.

About Purse Bitcoin Marketplace

  • Save 15% or More Off Amazon.com Purchases Made with Bitcoin.
  • Buy Bitcoin Using Any Amazon Payment Option (including Rewards Credit Cards).
  • Sell Your Amazon Gift Card Balance for Bitcoin.
  • Buy or Sell Anything You Want Using Bitcoin.

Purse is an online marketplace for digital currencies that makes Bitcoin easy to spend while providing discounts on Amazon.com for Bitcoin users.

Purse uses blockchain escrows to liquidate Amazon Gift Cards and deliver great deals for Bitcoin consumers.

Basically, you create an Amazon Wish List, name your discount, and pay with Bitcoin.

Your purchases are secured with blockchain escrows.

You get to shop online securely with a trusted third party, save 15% or more on millions of products from Amazon.com, and receive reliable customer support.

Purse $5 BTC Sign-Up Bonus for New Users

Just sign up via this Purse $5 BTC Free Referral Link and create a free Purse account to qualify for this promotion.

You’ll receive $5 USD in Bitcoin after transacting $100 or more.

This offer is for new customers only who sign up via a referral link.

2 Ways To Save on Amazon.com via Purse

1. Purse Instant.

Use Purse Instant to receive a flat 5% discount on all Amazon products.

You simply search for any Amazon item that you want in the Purse search bar and make an immediate purchase using Bitcoin.

You’ll save 5% instantly by using Bitcoin to checkout.

This offers a quick and easy way to save.

Purse Instant included free 2-day shipping.

Purse does not charge any fees for using Purse Instant.

2. Name Your Discount.

Name Your Discount is an advanced feature leveraging the Purse marketplace.

You can choose your own discount, and shoppers save an average of 26% off Amazon purchases.

You need to create an Amazon Wish List, paste it into the Purse search bar, and Name Your Discount.

After that, you choose your discount (use 10%-15% your first time), and another user will purchase the order and ship it to you (in exchange for your Bitcoins).

If you don’t have Bitcoins already, you can get a $10 Bonus from Coinbase when you purchase a minimum of $100 in Bitcoins.

You can also use the Airbitz App to buy Bitcoin and directly connect with Purse to make Amazon purchases.

Purse Escrow ensures a safe transaction when you use the Name Your Discount option.

Purse does charge a 1%-14% fee for using Name Your Discount, depending on the discount rate that you receive.

Purse Refer-A-Friend Program Rewards

Purse’s new referral program offers free BTC to both parties.

Both you and your friend will receive $5 USD in Bitcoin after transacting $100 or more.

You can refer friends via email, social media, or by sharing your own unique Purse Referral Link.

You’ll automatically receive $5 USD in Bitcoin for every friend who completes $100 in orders.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer.

Please feel free to share your Purse referral links in the comments below this article.

To find your referral link, click on your username within your Purse account and go to the “Invite Friends” section.

Buy Bitcoin with Any Amazon Payment Option

Purse lets you buy Bitcoin through any payment option that Amazon accepts.

This includes Amazon Gift Cards, your rewards credit cards, American Express Membership Rewards points, Chase Ultimate Rewards points, and Amazon credit cards.

Basically, you can use your rewards credit cards (or any other Amazon payment option) to buy Bitcoin, so that you can earn miles or points on your Bitcoin purchases.

Just navigate to the “Earn” section of your account to browse the available orders and select the amount of Bitcoin that you wish to buy.

Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin

You can convert your Amazon Gift Card balances into Bitcoin by purchasing merchandise for other Purse users on Amazon.

Once the merchandise arrives to the buyer, the Bitcoin will be released to you from escrow.

The process usually takes 2-5 days.

Purse Merchants – Buy and Sell Anything for Bitcoin

Purse Merchants allows you to sell your goods on the world’s largest marketplace for Bitcoin with a low seller fee.

You simply sign in to Purse, select “Sell,” and list your items for sale.

You can also subscribe monthly to gain access to additional features and lower transaction fees.

There are 3 seller plans available:

1. Free Plan – $0 Monthly Fee.

  • List Unlimited Items.
  • Physical Items Only.
  • 5% Transaction Fee.

2. Basic Plan – $10 Monthly Fee.

  • Appear in Search Results.
  • Physical and Digital Items.
  • List Unlimited Items.
  • Standard API Integration.
  • 2% Transaction Fee.

3. Premium Plan – $20 Monthly Fee.

  • Front Page Placement.
  • Appear in Search Results.
  • Physical and Digital Items.
  • List Unlimited Items.
  • Custom API Integration.
  • Presale Your Items.
  • 1% Transaction Fee.

Take advantage of the Purse Bitcoin marketplace to get huge savings on Amazon purchases, sell your Amazon Gift Card balance for Bitcoin, buy or sell anything using Bitcoin, and use Amazon payment options to purchase Bitcoin.

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