Mudrex – Automated Crypto Trading Bots: $25 Sign-Up Bonus + Up to $1,000 Deposit Reward

Mudrex gives you access to automated crypto trading bots that allow you to instantly invest in customized crypto baskets, curated passive investment portfolios, and more expert-created crypto investments for both beginners and advanced traders, and all Mudrex products are fully automated, so that you can focus on your life while Mudrex grows your wealth for you.

To get a $25 free reward, join via this Mudrex $25 Promotional Link, and you’ll instantly get a $25 free credit that you can use to spend on Mudrex.

Plus, you can get up to $1,000 in free crypto rewards when you invest a minimum of $100 in Mudrex Coin Sets.

If you are looking for a passive way to invest in cryptocurrencies and want to copy the investment strategies of expert traders, check out Mudrex for an automated crypto trading bot marketplace.

How Mudrex Works

Through Mudrex, you’ll gain access to intelligent crypto trading bots designed by expert traders (Algos), theme-based baskets of crypto tokens (Coin Sets), and in-house crypto copy trading portfolios (Mudrex Mints).

Just like copy trading stocks, Mudrex Algos are passive investment assets, and each Algo is an intelligent bot built by an expert crypto trader that automatically trades 24/7 in the crypto markets.

As an alternative investment strategy, Mudrex Coin Sets offer baskets of crypto tokens based on a theme, which are created and managed by expert traders, so that you can diversify and invest in ideas you believe in for long-term growth.

Another option to invest long-term is Mudrex Mints, which are crypto copy trading bots that are managed in-house my Mudrex and created by analyzing over 10 billion combinations of strategies made by professional traders around the world.

In addition, the Mudrex Wallet offers a 14% interest rate on all of your crypto holdings with no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and you can deposit and withdraw funds instantly.

To start investing, you simply connect your crypto exchange account, including Binance Spot, Binance US, Binance Futures, Bitmex Futures, Coinbase Pro, Deribit Futures, ByBit, OkEx Spot and Futures, and FTX.

When you connect your crypto exchange with Mudrex, you can invest your digital assets directly from your crypto exchange account without transferring any assets into Mudrex, and all trades will occur within your exchange account.

Alternatively, you can deposit crypto directly into Mudrex, which offers a bank-grade secure Wallet, powered by Binance, to store your cryptocurrency, or you can invest using your credit/debit card or transfer funds from your bank account.

Once you connect your exchange or deposit crypto, you can start investing in automated crypto trading bots through Mudrex, and there are tons of options available for all types of traders.

It’s super easy to open a Mudrex account in just minutes, and both beginners and experts can join the automated crypto trading platform to get consistent profits by investing in the best crypto trading strategies created by expert traders around the world.

Mudrex $25 Free Sign-Up Bonus

When you join via this Mudrex $25 Free Credit Link, you’ll instantly get a $25 reward upon sign-up that you can use to spend on Mudrex.

New users will get $25 USD in free credits in your Mudrex balance directly on sign-up when you join via a referral link.

These credits can be used on the Mudrex platform to subscribe to strategies on the Mudrex marketplace, and the credits can also be used to subscribe to Mudrex platform plans.

Mudrex up to $1,000 Crypto Rewards

Once you join Mudrex, you can get up to $1,000 Mudrex Crypto Rewards when you invest in Coin Sets using the Mudrex Wallet (just remember to join via a referral link first, so that you also get your $25 free credit, as both offers are stackable).

You’ll get a $20 reward when you invest a minimum of $100, $500 reward when you invest $500, and a $1,000 reward when you invest $1,000.

However, the earned rewards cannot be withdrawn, but you can invest the reward amount, and the profits that are generated can be withdrawn.

Basically, it just gives you extra investment funds, and you’ll be able to withdraw any additional profits that you generate off of the bonus rewards.

The rewards will lapse if the invested amount is withdrawn within 30 days, so make sure that you maintain your investments for at least 30 days.

Mudrex Referral Program

Through the Mudrex Referral Program, you can give your friends a $25 credit to use on the Mudrex platform, and you’ll get 50% of any spend that your referrals do on Mudrex.

When a referral joins Mudrex using your link, they’ll get $25 USD worth of free credits in their Mudrex balance on sign-up, which can be used to subscribe to strategies on the Mudrex marketplace and platform plans.

For each Mudrex referral, you’ll get 50% of any spend that your referrals do on Mudrex, which will be credited directly to your Mudrex balance.

The 50% referral payment is valid for the first 3 months of your referral’s lifecycle on Mudrex, and no further incentives are given after the first 3 months.

If you refer enough users to get over $500 USD worth of credits, you can request a credit withdrawal from Mudrex.

Check out the Mudrex Referral Program for more details.

Join Mudrex to access a crypto investment platform and automated cryptocurrency trading bot marketplace to copy the strategies of crypto experts for long-term auto-pilot investing.

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