Metal Pay – Make Payments to Friends: $6 Bonus and $6 Referrals (EXPIRED)

Effective January 27, 2020, the current Metal Pay Referral Rewards program has been terminated: Claims made prior to January 17, 2020, will be reviewed for eligibility and, if eligible, processed manually at the sole discretion of Metal Pay. Metal Pay is working to rebuild a new system from scratch, but this will take some time. We’ll update this article when/if a new referral program is launched.

Metal Pay is a blockchain-based payment processing platform that lets you make payments and request money between friends and family using just a phone number or one of your contacts, plus you will earn cryptocurrency bonuses whenever you pay someone or receive funds.

It’s free to join Metal Pay (iOS app only), and sending money costs nothing, so you can pay anyone at any time for free.

You can make instant payments using your cash balance, transfer money from a linked bank account, or send cryptocurrency.

Whenever you send money to someone, you’ll earn bonus cryptocurrency in the form of Metal (their native currency), which you can instantly cash out to your bank account or send to friends.

Plus, when you use this Metal Pay $6 Referral Link to download the Metal Pay App (you must open this link on your mobile device browser and get the “Open in App Store?” dialog in order to qualify), you will earn $6 in Metal (MTL), which you can instantly convert to U.S. Dollars and cash out to your bank account.

Where Metal Pay is Currently Available

Metal Pay is currently available for iOS devices in these select states and territories:

  • Alaska AK
  • Arizona AZ
  • Arkansas AR
  • California CA
  • Colorado CO
  • Delaware DE
  • Florida FL
  • Illinois IL
  • Indiana IN
  • Iowa IA
  • Kansas KS
  • Kentucky KY
  • Maine ME
  • Maryland MD
  • Massachusetts MA
  • Michigan MI
  • Minnesota MN
  • Mississippi MS
  • Missouri MO
  • Montana MT
  • Nebraska NE
  • Nevada NV
  • New Hampshire NH
  • New Jersey NJ
  • North Dakota ND
  • Ohio OH
  • Oklahoma OK
  • Pennsylvania PA
  • Rhode Island RI
  • South Carolina SC
  • South Dakota SD
  • Tennessee TN
  • Texas TX
  • Utah UT
  • Virginia VA
  • Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia WV
  • Wisconsin WI
  • Wyoming WY
  • Puerto Rico
  • US Virgin Islands

How To Get $6 from Metal Pay

1. You must visit this Metal Pay $6 Referral Link on your mobile device browser to download the app.

2. You must click the referral link or copy and paste it in your mobile device browser to get the “Open in App Store?” dialog that you click through into the Apple App Store.

3. Register and create your free Metal Pay account by verifying your identity.

4. Once you verify your identity and open your Metal Pay account (takes just seconds), you will receive $6 USD in value worth of the Metal cryptocurrency, which you can instantly cash out to your bank account.

5. The $6 sign-up bonus is instantly credited to your account after you complete registration.

New QR Code and Referral URL Method to Qualify for $6 Bonus

After you download the Metal Pay App and complete registration, you can scan the below $6 QR Referral Code within the app, and you’ll still qualify for the $6 bonus.

To scan the QR code after registration:

  • Click the “Gift Box” button at the top-right of the app.
  • Click the QR code image in the “Referral URL or Promo Code” entry form.
  • Scan the following QR code.

Metal Pay Referral QR CodeMetal Pay Referral QR Code

Referral URL Method: Alternatively, you can also enter this referral URL “” directly in the “Referral URL or Promo Code” entry form.

Metal Pay $6 Referral Bonuses

The Metal Pay Refer-A-Friend Program will provide both you and your friends with $6 USD in Metal cryptocurrency.

You can access your unique Metal Pay referral link within the app once you create your free account.

When your friends and family use your referral link to download the Metal Pay App and complete the sign-up process, you will both receive $6 USD worth of the Metal cryptocurrency.

You can also post a QR code of your referral link anywhere and allow new users to enter the code when they create an account.

The $6 in Metal cryptocurrency can be cashed out to U.S. Dollars and immediately transferred to your bank account, or you can send it to friends.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer or the amount of bonus money that you can earn for sharing Metal Pay with your friends and family.

Earn Crypto for Transfers with Metal Pay

Metal Pay rewards you with the Metal cryptocurrency whenever you send and receive money.

Each time that you send or receive money in a cash transaction using Metal Pay, you can receive a reward of up to 5% of the transaction value.

That means if you send your friend $100, you can each get up to a $5 transaction bonus.

This transaction bonus, known as a “Pop,” is paid to you in the Metal cryptocurrency, which can be converted to cash and transferred to your linked bank account or sent to friends.

Get Metal Pay to make free payments to friends and family using cash or crypto, plus get paid in crypto every time that you make payments to anyone or receive funds from friends.

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