Loanbase Bitcoin Loans – No First Loan Fees and Referral Credits

Loanbase is a Bitcoin lending platform that provides borrowers with Bitcoin loans for up to $50,000 with flexible terms and low interest rates, while lenders can invest in Bitcoin loans to earn interest.

Right now, you can Get a 30-Day Loan from Loanbase at 6.7% Interest and also waive the fees on your first loan.

Loanbase Bitcoin LoansLoanbase Bitcoin Loans

About Loanbase Bitcoin Lending Marketplace

Loanbase connects borrowers and lenders together in a secure marketplace for Bitcoin loans.

Borrowers can get Bitcoin loans from Loanbase to consolidate debt, purchase goods, grow your business, invest, and much more.

You can easily check your loan interest rate by creating a free Loanbase account and verifying your identity, and it will not affect your credit score.

Investors can also participate in Loanbase to earn interest by lending Bitcoin to qualified borrowers.

Waived Fees for Your First Loanbase Loan

Just create a free Loanbase account to get started, and Loanbase will waive their loan fees for your first loan.

This offer for waived fees is available for new Loanbase customers on your first loan.

All new Loanbase users will generally receive an initial $300 credit limit, which you can get as a loan once you verify your identity through some basic steps.

Loanbase Referral Program

Once you create a Loanbase account, you can participate in their referral program to get no fee loans, up to a 50% credit limit increase for your own loans, and 10% of the fees that Loanbase collects from your referral’s loans forever.

Get up to 3 loans with no fee, when your friends verify their IDs:

  • 2 friends with verified IDs give you 1 loan with no fee.
  • 5 friends with verified IDs give you 2 loans with no fees.
  • 10+ friends with verified IDs give you 3 loans with no fees.

Get up to 50% credit limit increase, when your friends repay their loans.

  • 2 friends with repaid loans give you 10% increase in your credit limit.
  • 5 friends with repaid loans give you 25% increase in your credit limit.
  • 10+ friends with repaid loans give you 50% increase in your credit limit.

Get 10% of the fees Loanbase collects forever:

  • Every time your friend repays a loan, Loanbase will give you 10% of the fees that they collect.

Loanbase Investing

Investors can also participate in the Loanbase Marketplace to invest in Bitcoin loans.

You can choose to manually invest your Bitcoin by selecting borrowers based on a variety of criteria.

Loanbase also offers an auto-investment option, so that you can easily invest in loans that meet your qualifications.

Loanbase offers you the opportunity to invest with their Bitcoin lending marketplace.

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