HappyCoins Digital Currency Referral Program – Earn 5 Euros in Bitcoins for Both Parties

HappyCoins is a digital currency service that lets you buy and sell Bitcoins in Europe and Canada.

Plus, the HappyCoins Referral Program provides both new and current members with 5 Euros in Bitcoins as a bonus.

When a current HappyCoins customer refers a new customer who completes at least 100 Euro equivalent in buy transactions, both parties will receive 5 Euros in Bitoins from HappyCoins.

HappyCoins Digital Currency ServicesHappyCoins Digital Currency Services

About HappyCoins Digital Currency Service

HappyCoins provides services to holders of European bank accounts (in the SEPA region).

Non-Europeans can also use HappyCoins if they have a European bank account.

Canadians can also create a HappyCoins account.

If you live in the U.S.A., then you may wish to try Coinbase or Celery instead, which both offer sign-up bonuses for new members as well.

With HappyCoins, you get the following features:

  • Buy Bitcoin using secure instant payment methods.
  • Interact with your own online banking application.
  • Receive Bitcoin in your private wallet within minutes.
  • Clear pricing, lowest fees in the market, and no hidden costs.

You can open a HappyCoins account to start buying and selling Bitcoin immediately.

HappyCoins Referral Program – 5 Euro Bitoin Bonus

Anybody who creates a free HappyCoins account can participate in their referral program.

To participate, just visit HappyCoins.com and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find the referral form.

You simply enter your HappyCoins Account Code and click the “Create Link” button to create your own unique referral link.

You can then share your referral link with your friends, family, and business associates.

As soon as your friend has used your referral link to create a HappyCoins account and has made at least 100 Euro equivalent in buy transactions, you will both receive 5 Euro equivallent in Bitcoins from HappyCoins (regardless if you have made a transaction yourself).

There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer.

Please feel free to exchange HappyCoins referral links in the comments below this article, so that everybody can earn the 5 Euro Bitcoin bonuses.

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