Donut – Crypto Saving App: Earn $10 Referral Bonus to Deposit $10

Donut is a crypto saving app that lets you invest your spare change in Bitcoin and earn interest 24/7.

When you join Donut, you can earn a free $10 bonus for depositing $10 into your new account.

Plus, you can share Donut with your friends to earn an extra $10 bonus for each referral who starts investing.

The Donut App (iOS only) is currently available to everyone in the U.S.A., excluding New York.

How Donut App Works

Once you download the Donut App (iOS only), you can automate your investing into Bitcoin and/or Donut Savings.

If you choose Donut Savings, you’ll get a high interest rate on your deposits (more asset choices coming soon).

To fund your Donut account, you can round-up the spare change from your card purchases or set a recurring investment.

Whenever you want your money back, you can cash out to your bank account anytime, with no lock-in and no minimum terms.

Get $10 Bonus from Donut App

To get a $10 bonus, please enter the Referral Code “siasd” during registration (it will be Donut handle @siasd when entered).

In order to qualify for the $10 bonus, you must connect your bank and make a single transfer of $10 or more into your new Donut account.

After you qualify, the $10 bonus will be deposited directly into your Donut account (usually takes only 5 minutes).

The $10 deposit is automatically invested in Bitcoin, but you can immediately sell it and withdraw the bonus funds to your bank account if wanted.

Please note that you will need to verify your identity in order to activate your Donut account. To verify your identity in order to access your account, you’ll need to provide an official identification (a driver’s license, state ID, or passport) and your Social Security Number.

Donut Referral Codes to Use

When you register for the Donut App, you will need to enter one of the following Donut handles on the referral code page:

  • 1st Referral Handle – Enter “isaacbob” like @isaacbob.
  • 2nd Referral Handle – Enter “siasd” like @siasd.
  • 3rd Referral Handle – Enter “annprod” like @annprod.
  • 4th Referral Handle – Enter “bprado” like @bprado.
  • 5th Referral Handle – Enter “crosscounter” like @crosscounter.
  • 6th Referral Handle – Enter “claudegrizzl” like @claudegrizzl.
  • 7th Referral Handle – Yours Could Be Here – Post Below.
  • 8th Referral Handle – Yours Could Be Here – Post Below.
  • 9th Referral Handle – Yours Could Be Here – Post Below.
  • 10th Referral Handle – Yours Could Be Here – Post Below.

Donut App $10 Refer-A-Friend Rewards

If you would like to help us exchange referrals, please post your Donut handle in the below comments, and we will add it to this article for other readers to use.

Once you join Donut and start investing, you can share $10 bonuses with everyone you know.

When you invite your friends to Donut, you will both earn a $10 reward when they start investing.

In order to qualify, your referrals must connect a bank and make a single transfer of $10 or more into their new Donut account.

To share Donut referrals, you must exchange your Donut handle with your friends.

The new customer must enter your Donut handle in the referral section during registration.

There is no limit to how much you can earn for referring friends to Donut.

However, you must have invested money with Donut in order to qualify for referral bonuses.

Please feel free to share your Donut referral handles in the below comments along with your user experiences.

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