CoinSwitch – Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator: $5 Bonus + $5 Referrals

CoinSwitch is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that lets you trade 400+ cryptocurrencies on any major exchange without creating an account on the exchange.

By aggregating leading cryptocurrency and altcoin exchanges, CoinSwitch is able to provide the best exchange rates possible.

With support for 400+ cryptocurrencies and 45,000+ pairs to exchange, you can trade almost any digital currency you want with CoinSwitch.

You do not even need a CoinSwitch account in order to exchange cryptos, as there are many exchanges on CoinSwitch that support anonymous trades.

However, by creating an account, you get access to a wide variety of coins and exchanges that are not available otherwise.

Plus, when you create a free account via this CoinSwitch $5 Referral Link and/or enter Referral Code “622TE6GNAB” during registration, you will get a $5 bonus credit when you complete your first transaction for a minimum of $100.

Check out CoinSwitch to access a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator where you can get the best rates when you trade digital currencies.

How CoinSwitch Works

To exchange cryptos on CoinSwitch, you start by choosing your trading pair, like Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) for example.

Simply select BTC in the “You Send” option and ETH in the “You Get” option, and then enter the amount of BTC that you want to exchange.

After the amount of ETH that you will get is displayed, you may view a list of all available exchanges and choose which exchange offers the best rate for your trade.

You then send your BTC to the address of the exchange that is provided, and you provide your own ETH wallet address to receive your ETH coins.

After the transaction is initiated, you can track your trade progress on the blockchain until the exchange is completed.

CoinSwitch charges a fee of 0% to 0.49%, depending on the exchange you select for your transaction, and while the conversion rate you see is inclusive of the fee, the fee does not include any amount charged by the exchange itself or the network fee.

In addition, you can use CoinSwitch to purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit card at the best rates, with support for USD (US Dollar), JPY (Japanese Yen), RUB (Ruble), and EUR (Euro) to purchase 100+ cyptocurrencies.

CoinSwitch $5 Bonus with First Trade

To qualify for the $5 bonus, you must join via this CoinSwitch $5 Referral Link and/or enter Referral Code “622TE6GNAB” during registration.

After you register, complete your first transaction using CoinSwitch for a minimum of $100.

For example, you can exchange $100 worth of BTC for ETH to qualify for the $5 bonus.

When you complete a CoinSwitch transaction for a minimum of $100, you will receive a $5 bonus credit.

CoinSwitch $5 Referrals + 25% Revenue Share

For every friend that you refer who completes a $100 minimum transaction on CoinSwitch, you will both receive a $5 bonus credit.

On top of the $5 bonus per referral, you will earn a 25% revenue share on the CoinSwitch transaction fee for every successful conversion that your referrals complete.

Once your referral bonus reaches 0.005 BTC, you can withdraw the amount to your wallet.

There is no limit to how much Bitcoin you can earn for CoinSwitch referrals, and your revenue share increases based on the number of users you refer.

To access your referral link/code, create a free CoinSwitch account, and you’ll find it under your account.

If a user clicks your referral link and trades without sign-up, your referral link would remain tied to this user for 7 days, which means that you will receive the referral fee for all their anonymous trades for 7 days.

However, if the user clicks your referral link and registers for a CoinSwitch account, you will receive revenue share from this referral forever.

Try CoinSwitch to trade cryptocurrencies between all major exchanges without having to create an account.

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