Coinflash App – Invest Your Spare Change Into Cryptocurrencies

The Coinflash App lets you automatically invest your spare change from bank card purchases into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Just like other services that round up your spare change, including this Qapital Auto-Savings $5 Bonus and this Acorns Auto-Investing $5 Bonus, Coinflash helps you build up your financial portfolio without having to think about it.

Every time that you make a purchase on your credit or debit card, Coinflash will automatically round it up to the nearest dollar.

At the end of the week or month, whichever you choose, Coinflash will automatically invest all of your spare change into Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Coinflash requires that you sign up through a Google Gmail account when you first log in to the app.

You’ll also need to link both your bank account and Coinbase account in order to provide access to your card transactions and let Coinflash make cryptocurrency purchases on your behalf (make sure you get a $10 Coinbase New Account Bonus first if you don’t already have an account).

Coinflash charges a $1 monthly fee out of your Coinbase account for the service it provides, and the charge starts 1 month after you first connect your bank and Coinbase account.

You can also participate in the Coinflash Refer-A-Friend Program to get free months of usage for you and your friends.

About Coinflash App

Coinflash will round up the spare change from your credit/debit card purchases and invest it automatically into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For example, if you make a purchase on your debit card of $3.65 for coffee, 35 cents will be invested in cryptocurrency.

This allows you to stash away a little bit of cryptocurrency at a time to slowly build your investment at a comfortable pace with a dollar-cost averaging effect.

The Coinflash App is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How Coinflash Works

Coinflash counts up your spare change from credit card and debit card purchases.

At the end of every week or month, whichever you choose, Coinflash will invest your spare change into Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Coinflash uses your primary payment method in Coinbase to buy cryptocurrency, unless you specify otherwise.

Coinflash can monitor multiple cards with a single bank, but it can only monitor a single bank at any given time.

You have complete control over your Coinflash account at all times and can choose to stop your cryptocurrency investments or change the percentage being invested into any given cryptocurrency at any time.

How To Use Coinflash

In order to use Coinflash, you will need to log in to the Coinflash App using a Google Gmail account.

You’ll then need to link your bank account and your Coinbase account to start investing.

You can choose to process your cryptocurrency transactions on a weekly or monthly basis.

Your cryptocurrency investments will be made as long as you have reached a minimum of $3 in spare change.

You can invest in both Bitcoin and Ethereum at the same time and select the percentage of each cryptocurrency that you want to be invested.

$1 Monthly Fee to Use Coinflash

Coinflash charges a $1 subscription fee every month as long as you are actively investing spare change through their system.

This charge starts 1 month after you have connected both your Coinbase and bank account.

This $1 payment will be charged to your Coinbase account.

Your subscription automatically renews each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

You can turn off auto-renewal for your subscription at any time by going to your Account Settings and switching your spare change investing option to “Off.”

Please note that Coinbase transaction fees will apply to all cryptocurrency purchases as well.

Coinflash Referral Program

Please note that while Coinflash does advertise a referral program, I have been unable to access it personally in both the iOS and Android versions of the app at this time. It may require your subscription to become active, so it will possibly appear for me after my first monthly charge when that occurs. If you have access to the Coinflash referral program, please feel free to comment about it and share your referral links in the comments section below this article.

The Coinflash Refer-A-Friend Program provides both new and current users with free months of the Coinflash service.

Each time that you refer someone using your referral link from your Account Settings section, you will accrue 1 additional month of free Coinflash usage for up to 3 months free in total.

The person that you refer to Coinflash will also receive 1 month of free Coinflash usage, so everybody wins.

Please feel free to share your Coinflash referral links and user experiences in the comments section below this article.

If you’re looking for an easy way to invest in cryptocurrencies on auto-pilot, give Coinflash a try to invest your spare change into Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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