Cake DeFi – Generate Cash Flow from Crypto: $30 DFI Token Bonus with $50 Deposit

Cake DeFi helps you generate constant cash flow from your cryptocurrencies with a simple-to-use platform that makes complicated processes like Lending, Liquidity Mining, Freezer Services, and Masternodes Staking easily available for everybody.

Basically, by holding your cryptocurrencies with Cake DeFi, you can put them to work through a variety of investment options that earn high interest rates and generate constant cash flow.

Plus, when you sign up via this $30 Cake DeFi Referral Link, you’ll get $30 worth of DFI tokens when you make your first deposit of any crypto for $50 or more into their Lending, Staking Freezer, or Liquidity Mining Freezer product.

Your $30 worth of DFI will be locked for 180 days, but it will earn over a 30% APY during that time, and it can be withdrawn thereafter.

It’s free to sign up for Cake DeFi (KYC verification required), and the user-friendly platform makes it simple to earn cash flow from your crypto holdings.

Cake DeFi Crypto Investing Options

Cake DeFi gives you several options to generate cash flow from your cryptocurrencies:

  • Buy Crypto with USD/EUR: You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain, and other cryptocurrencies directly with USD/EUR, which you can then use with the other products offered by Cake DeFi to generate high returns and rewards.
  • Lending Services: By Lending your Bitcoins, Ether, USD Tether, and USD Coin, you can earn passive income, and your capital and returns are fully guaranteed and risk-free.
  • Freezer Services: The Freezer is like a loyalty program that rewards you for committing your funds with Cake DeFi for a certain period of time, ranging from just 1 month to up to 10 years, and it is available for funds allocated to the Staking and Liquidity Minding products.
  • Masternodes Staking: Without the complexity of running nodes yourself, you can join fully-transparent masternode pools to earn staking yields for up to a 37% APY in real-time.
  • Liquidity Mining: To earn the highest rewards offering up to a 200% APY or more, deposit your crypto into shared liquidity mining pools to mine popular coin pairs with ease.

Get $30 in DFI Tokens from Cake DeFi

1. Join via this $30 Cake DeFi Referral Link and enter Referral Code “186783” during registration.

2. Complete the full KYC verification process (submit images of ID and proof of address).

3. Make your first deposit into Cake DeFi for $50 or more worth of any crypto into their Lending, Staking Freezer, or Liquidity Mining Freezer product.

4. Immediately receive your $30 bonus worth of DFI tokens deposited into the Cake DeFi Freezer Program.

5. Your $30 DFI bonus funds will be locked for 180 days and will automatically yield over 30% APY staking returns during this time.

6. After the 180-day period, you may withdraw or continue to stake your bonus funds as you please.

7. To withdraw and sell your DFI tokens, please see the instructions below.

How to Withdraw and Sell DFI Tokens from Cake DeFi

1. To withdraw your DFI tokens from the Cake DeFi platform in order to trade them for BTC/USDT and/or sell them, you must follow these instructions for residents of the U.S.A. as well as elsewhere in the world.

2. Since you can’t sell DFI tokens for USD or trade DFI tokens for BTC or another cryptocurrency directly on the Cake DeFi platform, you must Open a Free KuCoin Account to start this process (KuCoin works best for residents of the U.S.A.).

3. Once you open your KuCoin account, visit the “Main Account” section, and then search for “DFI” to find the DFI/DeFiChain token.

4. Once you locate the DFI token, click the “Deposit” option to access your DFI deposit address.

5. On the Deposit Crypto page, make sure that “DFI” is listed in the Select a Coin option, and then choose “DFI DeFiChain” in the Select a Network option.

6. You will then be provided with your DFI deposit address, which you must copy and paste into the Cake DeFi platform, so copy your address.

7. Once you copy your DFI deposit address, go to your Cake DeFi account and visit your “Balances” section, which can be found under the Menu (the baker hat at the top-right of the website).

8. You should see “DeFi DFI” under your balances in Cake DeFi, and you then click the “Withdraw” option for DFI.

9. On the Withdraw DFI form in Cake DeFi, enter the amount of DFI that you wish to withdraw, choose the DeFiChain as your Transfer Network, and then enter your DFI deposit address that you copied from your KuCoin account into the “To DeFiChain Address” field.

10. To initiate the withdrawal, you’ll need to enter your Cake DeFi two-factor authentication code to authorize the transfer, then check the box at the bottom to confirm you control the address, and finally click the “Withdraw” button.

11. Your initial transfer from Cake DeFi to KuCoin may take a few days, but subsequent transfers will usually take about 10-20 minutes.

12. Once your DFI tokens reach your KuCoin account, you should see them listed under your Main Account balances.

13. To trade your DFI in KuCoin, you must click the “Transfer” option next to DFI under your Main Account balances, and then transfer your DFI from your Main Account to your Trading Account.

14. From your Trading Account in KuCoin, you click the “Trade” option next to your DFI tokens, and choose between the DFI/USDT and DFI/BTC trading pairs, which will then take you to the trading platform.

15. Although the KuCoin trading platform looks complicated at first (or at least busy), it’s pretty simple to use, and you’ll need to create a trading code or enter your trading code in the bottom-right corner to get started.

16. Once you enter your trading code in KuCoin, you’ll see the options to “Buy DFI” or “Sell DFI” in the bottom-right corner, and you can choose between Limit, Market, and Stop Limit order types.

17. After you choose your order type, like Market for example, you will then choose the amount of DFI that you want to sell, and click the “Sell DFI” button to initiate your trade from DFI to USDT or BTC.

18. Once you’ve completed your DFI sale in KuCoin, you’ll need to transfer your USDT or BTC from your Trading Account back to your Main Account in order to withdraw it from KuCoin to another exchange, where you can then sell it for U.S. Dollars and withdraw it to your external bank account.

19. Under your Main Account balances in KuCoin, click the “Withdraw” option next to your USDT or BTC, and then fill in the external wallet address and choose the corresponding network to transfer your USDT or BTC (e.g., Coinbase, Voyager, etc.)

20. Once you transfer your USDT or BTC from KuCoin to another crypto exchange that offers USDT or BTC sales for U.S. Dollars, you can then sell your USDT or BTC for U.S. Dollars and withdraw the funds to your external bank account.

Cake DeFi “Give $30, Get $10” Referrals

Once you join Cake DeFi, you can get $10 worth of DFI for every referral who makes their first deposit of $50 or more, plus your referrals get $30 worth of DFI, so everybody wins.

Every new user who joins Cake DeFi with your referral code and makes a first deposit of $50 or more worth of any crypto into their Lending, Staking Freezer, or Liquidity Mining Freezer product will earn $30 worth of DFI tokens.

Once your referrals make their first deposit of $50 or more worth of any crypto into their Lending, Staking Freezer, or Liquidity Mining Freezer product, you will also earn $10 worth of DFI tokens.

On top of the $10 DFI tokens bonus, you will get a maximum referral bonus that equates to 1% per annum on all the assets that your referrals hold on the Cake DeFi platform for Staking, Lending, and Liquidity Mining.

To earn the maximum 1% bonus, you must refer 10 or more people, and you’ll earn 75% of the maximum referral bonus for 6-9 referees, 50% for 3-5 referees, and 25% for 1-2 referees.

The referral rewards that you earn will be locked and staked in the Freezer Program for 180 days with over a 30% APY.

There are no limits to how many referrals you can have or how much you can earn from Cake DeFi.

If you are looking for an easy way to generate income from your cryptocurrencies, try Cake DeFi to put your crypto to work for you.

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