BTCPOP – P2P Bitcoin Banking with 5% APR Savings Account

BTCPOP is a P2P Bitcoin Banking service that offers Instant Loans, Investment Pools, Collateral Tied Loans, Crypto-Currency Exchanges, and a 5% APR Savings Account on your total Bitcoin balance to everybody who registers for a free account.

Just register for a Free BTCPOP Account to earn a 5% APR savings rate on all of your Bitcoin deposits.

About BTCPOP Bitcoin Banking

BTCPOP is a peer-to-peer lending service within the Bitcoin domain.

BTCPOP offers a 5% APR Savings Account to all users that register, with interest credited every day at Midnight GMT back into your savings balance.

You can take out Instant Loans through BTCPOP with an APR as low as 7.5%.

You can get Custom Loans through BTCPOP as well, where you can borrow anything from 0.01 BTC to 150 BTC with the option to set your own APR limit.

You can Invest in Personal Loans through BTCPOP’s peer-to-peer lending platform and Invest in Business IPOs to earn additional income from small business start-ups.

BTCPOP is also a Coin Exchange that allows you to trade a range of ALTcoins, including the option to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Blackcoin (BLK), and more.

BTCPOP even allows users to Create Your Own IPO (Initial Public Offering) campaign to get the funding needed to start your own business.

5% APR Savings Account from BTCPOP

All users will automatically get a BTCPOP 5% APR Savings Account that allows you to earn interest on all of your Bitcoin Wallet deposits.

The interest is credited back into your savings balance at Midnight GMT every day.

Investing with BTCPOP

You can invest in personal loans and business loans through BTCPOP.

BTCPOP provides peer-to-peer lending services, where you invest your Bitcoin into personal loans and IPOs for business start-ups.

You can view all of the available investments in multiple views to give you the best opportunity to choose the right loan to suit your personal circumstances.

You can also opt to place some or all of your BTC in Pools, which will be used to fund Instant Loans for verified users.

Personal and Business Loans with BTCPOP

BTCPOP is a great way to get loans for personal use and for businesses.

Your account will need to be ARDEVA verified to activate a loan.

Custom Loans

Custom Loans are funded by other users via the listings page, where you can provide information about the reason, qualifications, and repayment of your potential loan.

Instant Loans

Instant Loans are funded by the BTCPOP Pools system.

To request an instant loan, your account must be ARDEVA verified to rating E or higher.

Shares/IPOs with BTCPOP

BTCPOP provides a shares trading market offering opportunities for business owners to launch IPO’s on the market.

If you need funding for your start-up business, the BTCPOP IPO market can provide the funding you need.

Buy and Sell Coins with BTCPOP

BTCPOP allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins and a variety of other ALTcoins.

You can exchange Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Blackcoin (BLK), and many other types of crypto-currencies.

BTCPOP Referral Program

The BTCPOP referral scheme is designed to reward users for referring friends and/or family to BTCPOP.

You can earn:

  • 0.5% commission on all referred, repaid loans under 5.0 BTC.
  • 0.25% commission on all referred, repaid loans over 5.0 BTC.

Once you create a free BTCPOP account, you can access our own unique BTCPOP Referral Link to share with potential new users.

Give BTCPOP a try for P2P Bitcoin banking, loans, investments, and more with a 5% APR savings account for all users on your total Bitcoin balance.

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