Blockchain Wallet – Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrencies: $5 Bitcoin Bonus + $5 Referral Credits

The Blockchain Wallet allows you to buy, sell, swap and hold cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, USD Pax, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens (XLM) and many other top crypto assets, plus Blockchain Private Key Wallets make is easy for you to control your private keys and hold them with a Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase, so that you can maintain self-custody of your crypto.

To get a $5 Bitcoin sign-up bonus, enter Referral Code “SEGM3Q26” when you open a new Account, and you’ll get $5 in free Bitcoin when you make a crypto purchase for $100 or more.

With the Blockchain Wallet, you can buy and sell crypto in minutes, earn up to 11% rewards on your crypto (not available in U.S.A.), control your funds with a Private Key Wallet, and manage all of your crypto in one place.

In addition, the Blockchain Exchange supports trading in 4 fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP and TRY, along with 90 top crypto trading pairs.

They also provide bespoke crypto lending, trading, and custody for crypto-native businesses and institutions with Institutional Markets.

Blockchain Wallet $5 Bitcoin Sign-Up Bonus

1. Create a free Account to get started ($5 BTC bonus available in U.S.A. and the UK).

2. Make sure that you enter Referral Code “SEGM3Q26” when you sign up for your Account.

3. Complete the onboarding process (user registration) successfully.

4. Make a crypto purchase for $100 or more with your Account (equivalent to USD $100/GBP 100 or more).

5. Receive $5 in free Bitcoin credited to your Blockchain Wallet within 3 business days after the crypto purchase is made.

Blockchain Wallet

With the Blockchain Wallet, you can buy, sell, and earn crypto on your digital asset holdings.

To get started, you simply verify your identity, add a payment method like a debit card or bank account, and you’re good to go.

Once you are set-up, you can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or swap crypto pairs like Ethereum for Stellar Lumens.

You can even transfer Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto to an Interest Account to earn up to 11% interest annually, which is deposited monthly into your wallet (crypto rewards not available in Canada, Japan, Kosovo, Pakistan, Palestine, Swaziland, Taiwan, and the United States).

If you want self-custody of your crypto, you can use Private Key Wallets, so that you are holding your own crypto.

Blockchain Exchange

With the Blockchain Exchange, you can trade 90 top crypto pairs including BTC, ETH, DeFi, Stablecoins, and more.

With lightning-fast trades that allow you to buy and sell in microseconds, you get real market prices in real-time.

In addition, the more that you trade per month, the lower your fees, so you can save when you trade higher volumes.

You can even unlock white glove support when you trade over $100,000 in volume in a 30-day period.

Blockchain Airdrops

The Blockchain Wallet partners with new crypto projects to educate users and reward you with Airdrops that offer free crypto.

Through Airdrops, you can learn about new cryptocurrencies and actually get to own them yourself for free.

Previous Airdrops from Blockchain have included Stellar (XLM) and Blockstack – now Hiro – Stacks (STX) tokens.

Learn more about the Blockchain Airdrop Program and future Airdrops to get free crypto.

Blockchain Wallet $5 BTC Referral Credits

Once you create a free Blockchain Wallet, you can participate in their referral program to share $5 Bitcoin bonuses with your friends.

To access your Blockchain Wallet referral code, you can click the “Gift Box” in the top-right corner of the Blockchain Wallet mobile app.

When your friends sign up for a Account using your referral code, complete the onboarding process, and make a $100+ crypto purchase, you will both earn $5 in Bitcoin in your Blockchain Wallet.

All Blockchain Wallet referral rewards will be paid out to your wallets within 3 business days of your referral’s qualified transaction.

This promotion is available for U.S. and UK residents, and there is no limit to the amount of Blockchain Wallet referral bonuses that you can earn.

If you’re looking for a secure way to buy, sell, swap and hold cryptocurrencies, check out the Blockchain Wallet today.

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