Bitwage – Receive Any Amount of Your Salary in Bitcoin – $5 Bonus and $5 Referrals

Try Bitwage to get paid any percentage of your current salary in Bitcoin from employers or clients in the USA, EU and UK, plus find freelance jobs that will pay you in Bitcoin.

You can earn a $5 bonus after you sign up for a free Bitwage account and receive your first payroll, plus you can earn additional $5 rewards for referring your friends to use Bitwage.

About Bitwage Job Board and Invoicing

Bitwage allows you to invoice your United States, European Union, or United Kingdom employer or client and receive any percentage of your wages in Bitcoin or almost any other currency that you choose.

There is no employer on-boarding required, you receive your wage in less than 48 hours regardless of your location, and you can track your wages at all times with a full guarantee.

Bitwage is also a great source to find remote jobs and get paid for your work by various companies and institutions.

Bitwage creates solutions for remote workers looking for work and to optimally receive your wages, and they offer unique jobs, flexible distributions, reduced payroll costs, and increased fulfillment speeds.

How Bitwage Invoicing Works

Bitwage is a service that allows you to receive any percentage of your wages in Bitcoin without requiring your employer or client to sign up.

Bitwage Invoicing can be used with employers based out of the United States of America, European Union, or United Kingdom.

Bitwage even has a job board to help you find clients and jobs, from whom you can then receive wages in Bitcoin through Bitwage.

You can find employers or freelance clients who will pay you directly in Bitcoin, or you can use Bitwage Invoicing services that allow you to receive any amount of your salary in Bitcoin.

Bitwage Fees

  • There are no fees for Bitwage’s base products (exchange rates apply).
  • Team Wages: Funding Payrolls with ACH Debit: 0.50% + $0.50 USD per payroll.
  • Team Wages: Funding Payrolls with Credit Card: 3.50% + $0.30 USD per payroll.
  • Invoicing: Local Currency Distribution: 1.00% per deposit except if subscribed to Bitwage Premium.
  • Invoicing: Incoming Wire Fee: $10 USD per payroll except if subscribed to Bitwage Premium.
  • Bitwage Premium – Invoicing: $15.99 USD per month subscription fee.
  • Bitwage Premium – Team Wages: $7.99 USD per month per worker subscription fee.

Bitwage Invoicing $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Just click through this Bitwage $5 Referral Link (provided by reader Toby) to get a $5 sign-up bonus when you receive at least 1 payroll from External Invoicing with your new Bitwage account.

You will receive $5 after your first payroll if you sign up through a referral link and do at least 1 payroll through External Invoicing.

This offer is for new Bitwage users only who sign up through a current user’s referral link.

Bitwage $5 Referral Rewards

Once you create your free Bitwage account, you can participate in their referral program to give your friends $5 and earn $5 for yourself, so everybody benefits.

For every person you invite who receives at least 1 payroll from External Invoicing, you will both earn USD $5.

You will receive $5 for every referee who signs up through your unique referral link, and they will receive $5 after their first payroll if they signed up through your referral link.

In order for both parties to earn the $5 bonuses, the referee must sign up through the referrer’s referral link, and the referee must complete at least 1 payroll through External Invoicing.

Please feel free to exchange your Bitwage user experiences as well as your referral links in the comments below this article, so that everybody can get some extra $5 referral bonuses.

Check out Bitwage to access jobs, invoicing, and team wages, so that you can get paid in Bitcoin or any other currency that you choose.

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