Bill Pay For Coins – Pay Bills with Bitcoin – $3 BTC Referral Bonus for Both Parties

Bill Pay For Coins is an online service that allows anyone to pay any U.S. Dollar invoice or bill using Bitcoin as your payment method.

Plus, when you participate in the Bill Pay For Coins Referral Program, both the referrer and referee can earn $3 in Bitcoin bonuses when the referee pays bills totaling over $100.

About Bill Pay For Coins

Anybody can use Bill Pay For Coins to pay bills and invoices using Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

You can pay almost anyone who gives you a bill or invoice that is located in the U.S.A.

This includes all types of major utility companies with over 50,000 billers in their system.

You can use Bill Pay For Coins to pay utilities, credit cards, home and auto loans, rent, state and federal taxes, brokerages, tickets, insurance, student loans, and more using Bitcoin.

There is a 1.99% fee to use Bill Pay For Coins with a $2.49 minimum fee and $75 maximum fee per transaction.

How To Earn $3 Bitcoin Bonus from Bill Pay For Coins

If you are a new user, you can earn $3 in Bitcoin when you sign up for a free Bill Pay For Coins account and pay bills totaling over $100.

To qualify for the $3 bonus, you must sign up using a unique Bill Pay For Coins referral code that can only be provided by a current user.

If you would like to receive a referral code for Bill Pay For Coins, please feel free to request a referral from, and I will be more than happy to send you a referral email with your unique referral code to use when opening a new account.

Each referral code is unique for every new user, so you must receive your referral via email to access your unique code.

Once you have successfully paid bills totaling over $100, you will receive $3 in Bitcoin transferred to the wallet of your choice, as specified in your profile.

Your referral code can be entered on your profile at any time (even after you’ve already created an account without a code), and your Bitcoin wallet address can be changed there as well.

Bill Pay For Coins Referral Program offers a referral program that provides both the referrer and referee with $3 in Bitcoin bonuses.

You can earn unlimited Bitcoin by referring new users to Bill Pay For Coins.

Simply log in to your account and refer friends by entering their email addresses on the referral page.

As your friends each pay a total of over $100 in bills, both you and that friend will each receive $3 in BTC.

You can refer as many people as your want and receive unlimited bonuses.

Please feel free to exchange Bill Pay For Coins referrals with other readers in the comments below this article.

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