Abra Cryptocurrency Wallet: Get $40 in Free CPRX with Only $15 Deposit and Earn $25 CPRX Referrals (Non-U.S.A.)

Beginning July 17, 2023, Abra Trade will no longer be accessible to U.S. retail customers via the Abra App. If you live outside of the U.S.A. in a country that Abra services, you may still open and use an account.

Abra is a free cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to easily buy, trade, borrow, and earn interest on crypto, plus Abra does not charge fees to add or withdraw funds via bank transfers, make crypto deposits or withdrawals, exchange between any 2 currencies, or send funds to another Abra wallet.

Plus, if you download the Abra app directly on your mobile device via this Abra $40 Free CPRX Referral Link (or enter Referral Code “RC7UU9JW8” within the app after you create your account), you will receive $40 in Free Crypto Perx (CPRX) when you deposit $15 to your Abra account for 30 days ($25 referral bonus + $15 deposit bonus = $40 total).

Once you receive your $40 in free Crypto Perx (CPRX), you can exchange it for any other crypto or fiat currency and transfer or withdraw the funds as you please.

It’s free to download the Abra app for iOS or Android and create your free account in just seconds, and you can get $40 in free CPRX with this very simple offer.

How to Get $40 in Free CPRX from Abra

1. Click this Abra $40 CPRX Referral Link directly on your mobile device to download the app (you must click the link from your mobile device or scan the QR code that appears on the landing page).

Alternative Sign-Up Process using Referral Code “RC7UU9JW8”: You can download the Abra App directly from Google Play or the App Store, create your Abra account, and then enter Referral Code “RC7UU9JW8” in the Promo Code section under the Menu in the app after you create your account.

2. Complete the KYC identity verification by submitting a picture of your ID card and a selfie of your face.

3. Fund your Abra account with $15 or more (free via bank ACH transfer). You can also transfer any supported crypto to Abra worth at least $15, just as long as you hold the deposit for 30 days. You can trade in the Abra App for a stablecoin as well to hold for 30 days.

4. Hold the minimum of $15 worth of deposited funds in Abra for 30 days.

5. Get $40 in Crypto Perx (CPRX) once completed ($25 is credited for the referral bonus and $15 is credited for the initial-funding bonus, which equals $40 in total). You can view both the $25 referral bonus and the $15 initial-funding bonus in the “Refer A Friend” section under the Menu in the Abra App, and they are both stackable for $40 in total.

6. Once the CPRX is distributed to your Abra wallet, you can trade your CPRX for any other cryptocurrency or sell it and withdraw the funds to your bank account if you please.

About Abra Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Buy, Trade, Borrow, and Earn Interest on Cryptocurrencies.
  • Fund Abra using Bank ACH Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency Deposits, and Visa/Mastercard.
  • Instantly Exchange Funds to Any Cryptocurrency.
  • Check Crypto Prices and Track Your Portfolio.
  • No Fees for Bank ACH Transfers, Crypto Transfers, Currency Exchanges, or to Send Funds to Another Abra Wallet.

Abra Give $25 CPRX, Get $25 CPRX Referral Program

Abra has just introduced a new referral program that gives both new and current customers $25 in free Crypto Perx (CPRX) for participating.

For every new friend that you refer to Abra, you will both get $25 worth of free CPRX after they deposit $15 or more for 30 days.

Once your referrals complete KYC, fund the Abra App with $15, and hold the deposited funds for 30 days, you will both receive $25 in free CPRX deposited into your Abra accounts.

There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer to Abra or the amount of free CPRX that you can earn in referral rewards.

Help Abra spread the word about a new, global financial platform powered by cryptocurrencies where you can send, receive, invest, and save money in a financial system that is accessible to everyone.

Abra $15 CPRX Initial-Funding Bonus

This $15 CPRX initial-funding bonus from the Abra App has the same terms as the referral bonus and it is stackable with the referral bonus as well, so you’ll earn a total of $40 CPRX when you meet the qualifications.

In order to qualify, you must fund your Abra account with a minimum of $15 and hold the minimum of $15 for 30 days in your Abra account.

There are many ways to fund your Abra account, including bank ACH transfers and crypto transfers, and you can exchange any crypto for stablecoins within the Abra App, if you wish to hold the funds for 30 days as a stablecoin instead.

Once you hold the $15 for 30 days, you will receive both this $15 CPRX initial-funding bonus as well as the $25 CPRX referral bonus (as long as you joined via a referral) for $40 in total CPRX.

The $40 worth of CPRX can be exchanged for any other supported crypto in Abra or sold for USD, which you can then transfer to your bank account.

To stack both of these promotions together and earn $40 in total CPRX, just make sure that you enter the Referral Code “RC7UU9JW8” in the Promo Code section under the Menu in the app after you create your Abra account.

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